Call Shops

If you're an Internet cafe, boost your revenue by offering cheap international phone calls or open a call shop by acquiring a broadband Internet connection, either an ADSL line, an HSPDA connection from a mobile operator, a VSAT service or local wireless Internet service.

Once you have Internet connectivity, you will need a PC to manage the billing, one or more standard telephones and an analogue terminal adapter (ATA) or voice gateway.

Your cost price is set per destination (fixed and mobile), you determine your selling price via the online web interface individually or as a percentage of cost. Manage each phone booth through the online web interface. Features include:

  • Pre- and post-paid booth operation
  • Set your own rates and billing increments
  • Consecutive call support
  • Change calculated
  • Receipts printed
  • Multiple currency support
  • Fast loading text based management web site
  • Great rates and quality with failover routes