Internet telephone calls are about using the Internet protocol (IP), which traditionally carries data for carrying telephone calls that have been represented as data. It is also known as IP telephony, telephone over the Internet, broadband voice or voice over IP (VoIP).

Roughly speaking 3 to 4 VoIP calls can be carried on the same size data connection that previously carried 1 traditional voice call. Therefore, a cost saving opportunity exists based purely on usage be that for home users, small and home office users, businesses or call centres.

For businesses and call centres, there are also benefits to maintaining a single voice and data cabling infrastructure.

Furthermore, this same infrastructure can support multiple communication or messaging methods such as e-mail, chat, SMS, video, voice, computer application and voice integration. All of this is commonly referred to as converged communication or IP convergence. Investing in this technology is considered strategic, offering efficiencies through enhanced collaboration and communication services.